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I’m sad I wasn’t the one that thought of this. My longtime friend Christine asked me recently if I would photograph her oldest daughter Cassidy wearing her wedding dress. I loved the idea of it, especially since I would get to work with one of my favorite subjects. I have been photographing Cassidy since she was born and it’s such a cool thing to see her personality change from shoot to shoot as she gets older. She was very serious during the shoot, which was nice to see a pensive side to her it translates beautifully though the lens.  I even heard her say to her mom, “I will never forget this day”….gotta love that!

These photos are hands down my favorites that I’ve taken of her so far. She is stunning and I got a little emotional thinking about when she gets married someday and I just might be the photographer and how I can look back on this moment and grin from ear to ear saying “i remember when…”  Thank God I have friends with great kids!

Little sister Harper, while too small for the dress, had some fun later with her mom’s long white veil as you’ll see in the photo series below.

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I got a last minute call the other day from someone who was looking to get some head shots done for an audition in NYC. Luckily I was able to squeeze her in and I’m so glad that I could. She was fantastic to photograph and we got some great looks for her to use for her audition. I edited the photos right there for she and her mom so that they could go get them printed immediately. I told her to keep in touch with me so I knew if she got in with the company she was auditioning for, so I’ll keep an update here once I hear from her! Good luck Keri!


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A big congratulations to the class of 2012!  Here are some of the handsome men that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing their last weeks at the United States Naval Academy.

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Earlier this week I spent a rather chilly morning on the beach with a wonderful family: Barb, Vinny, Grandma and Grandpa and little Ben….plus two cookie loving Beagles Ike and Lincoln. This blog post is going to be a bit short this week and the photos will do the talking since I am swamped with the other side of my business (Sugar Farm Productions). So enjoy the photos and the cuteness of this family shoot at Bay Ridge in Annapolis, Maryland.


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Yesterday, with the help of my good friend LC, I photographed Dana, owner of Back Burner Kitchen Consignments in Eastport. I felt the need to blog about it because:

1. it’s hidden right off of Chesapeake Ave. in Eastport and I want people to know about it….so, if you know where LuLu Salon is, just look next door and you’ll find her.

2. she’s got some great gems in there from a very cool European vaccum coffee maker to beauitful vintage cake display plates (which I got for my upcoming wedding), to beautiful table cloths.

3. you can bring your items in that you don’t use anymore!

4. Dana is just so nice and I love that she is giving new life to kitchen gadgets new and old.

SO, go visit her!

Her website is:


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I teach private photography lessons quite frequently. Most of the time, it’s someone who just bought a new DSLR and they just want to learn how to use it without the auto settings. Recently though, I had a student that was a bit more advanced than the others, she had taken a few other workshops with other photographers to learn how to use her new Canon DSLR. When I entered her home, I was immediately jealous of the natural light that was pouring into just about every room. A photographers dream! Then, I met her kids, and boy were they so adorable. “Well,” I thought, “at least she has those two elements on her side.” Now, all I had to do was to teach her some more advanced techniques with her fancy camera.

We went through all of the technical stuff that she was having issues with, the typical things like aperture, and what lens to use when. Then for the second half of the lesson, we went upstairs to practice photographing her kids. Once we got to the youngest ones nursery, we realized it would be easier to put a stuffed animal in place of the baby, since they can sit still and I’d  be able to teach her different angles to work with and how to use the available light. So what do we choose to photograph…a bight pink monkey! I couldn’t stop giggling as I posed the monkey with it’s long stringy arms in positions that her daughter might lay in. Vashon, snapped away and I kept laughing at how I was teaching someone using a pink monkey.

You can see some of her test shots below as well as a great shot she grabbed of her beuaitful family goofing around on the couch.

I was quite flattered when I left that day, because I was the third teacher that she had and I still was able to teach her some things that she didn’t know. Mission accomplished!

If you are interested in learning more about your DSLR, contact me to set up a private lesson. I work with all levels and all ages! I also offer lesson parties where you round up 5 friends and host a party at your home where I teach for 2 hours, it’s a fun way to learn.


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Music is as important to my life as photography, so when I was contacted by the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at University of Maryland, I was psyched about the opportunity to photograph their different programs. After meeting with the marketing department about my style of shooting and ability to photograph their many events over the course of a few months, I left feeling completely happy that they acknowledged my love of documentary style photography, which they saw in my portfolio of my trip to India last year. It’s always a pleasure to work with a commercial client that let’s me shoot in my style and that’s just what CSPAC has let me do.

My first shoot was with the Symphony. They wanted me to cover not only the live performance that night, but also behind the scenes before the performance. It’s a pleasure to watch any artist in their space, whether it be a painter preparing their canvas or a dancer warming up. That night, in the back hallway of the theatre, horns and strings were all creating sounds as they each went through their scales and small selections from the pieces they were getting ready to play. I loved the chaotic nature of the scene and started shooting right away as I looked for the right light in the darkened backstage.

Once they took the stage and started to play, I went into a zone. Now, I’ve experienced this zone many times as I’ve photographed different music groups over the past 10 years, but everytime this happens, I am filled with joy and creativity. Having a soundtrack play while you work, is a typical tool that creatives use as they sit at their computers and edit their work, or paint at their easels, music seems to fuel us as we create. So, having live music to work to, made this shoot a wonderful experience.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing rehearsals of the chorale, the men’s chorus, the women’s chorus and the woodwind ensamble. Again and again, I am delighted by the wonderful sounds that these musicians create. Back in high school, I was very actively involved in band and choir and it’s something that I have very fond memories of and still dabble in to this day. Hearing the chorale learn a piece in German, laughing as one of the men’s chorus directors made funny references to the mood of a piece, and seeing students counting out the pauses with a few nods of their head, reminded me of the hard work that is put into learning a piece and brought me back to some great times when I used to perform.

I have a few more shoots coming up with the CSPAC, and am very much looking forward to seeing my photos used for their promotional items and hearing more of the inspiring sounds that the students at UMD are creating. If you have never attended a local university’s performances, in any art form, I highly encourage you to start. It will bring joy into your life in so many ways. Music is life.

Enjoy a selection of some of my favorites:

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My best friend from 5th grade just had her second little girl, Zoey who is full of smiles just like her older sister Abbey. I have had the pleasure of photographing Abbey as a newborn, at her christening, and now with her new little baby sister. Abbey loves her “guys” (aka: Minnie Mouse, Baby and Pooh Bear) so we started the shoot with them snuggled up into her lap. I learned more about Dora that day than I will probably ever have to know, but I do feel pretty special for knowing what “Sneaky Fox!” means.

Then it was on to the newest and happiest member of the family, Zoey! Zoey is absolutely awesome to photograph as she giggles at everything and gives you the best smiles. When I was editing the photos tonight, I couldn’t stop smiling-she’s infectious!

It was a great time with my friend and her sweet little family. It’s so nice to know that we can always pick right back up where we left off-now if those kids wouldn’t grow up so quick in between my visits, I’d be happy.


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I love when I get to go to Philly to visit my college friends. They mean the world to me, and with our busy lives, we never get to see enough of each other. A few weekends ago, I got to spend a wonderful time with my friends.

First with Dan and his wife Amanda and their absolutely adorable little girl, who is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, Charley. After a fun afternoon spent at a craft market at the Armory downtown, Dan, a very old friend of mine, Chris and I made our way to a new German beer garden in Northern Liberties called Frankford Hall. This place was a dream come true to me…giant mugs of beer, outdoor heated seating of long picnic tables in a graveled courtyard complete with a fire pit for making your own s’mores! If the beer and atmosphere weren’t already cool enough, then I saw the food! Bratwurst and GIANT pretzels with spicy mustard…yes please! I will definitely be going back there on my next visit!

The next day, I made my way to another college buddy’s house in New Jersey for the annual photo session with his growing family. He and his wife just had a new baby, bringing their family to three kiddos. The newest addition, Aubrey is the first girl, so it was a pleasure to document the sweet little girl in her pink and yellow room. The boys have grown up so much since our last shoot and have now become quite comfortable with me sticking a camera in their faces and chasing them around the yard. We had a lot of fun on a very unseasonably warm day.

It always makes me sad when I leave these guys…thank God they are all only a couple hours drive away! Maybe one day, I will make my way back to living in Philly, until then, I’m happy to drive up there anytime for a photo shoot!

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I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to go see this band…I’ve known about them since the late 90’s and never made it to a show…until now. Jimi Ha Ha is a good friend and I saw on facebook one day that he was going to be playing The Chemeleon Club in Lancaster, PA while I was up home (York, PA) visiting my family. I’ve know that my sister and brother in law were fans, so I said, “let’s go!” Jimi asked me to bring my camera since this venue was, “an awesome one to shoot in,” so I did and this is what happened…..

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