Philadelphia Fun!

POSTED ON May 27, 2013

Eleven years ago I moved from one of my favorite places, Philadelphia to Annapolis. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss the heck out of that place and the people that I love so much that are still there. I used to be able to visit every few months or so, but as my business and life continue to get busier and grow, I am able to escape up there for a weekend less and less so when I have a free weekend, I usually pack my bag and jet up there to hang with my friends and eat some of my favorite foods (non of which I should be eating).

Recently, my good friend Dan from college and his wife Amanda gave birth to their second child, a beautiful little girl named Heidi. I was itching to get up there and photograph this little peanut, but as usual, I didn’t have a weekend off so I had to wait almost three months until I was able to visit. I picked a good weekend though. Their older daughter Charley, was turning 4 and they were having a kid party in the park, another friend had a birthday and I was able to go celebrate his with them and I finally got to take photos of the newest addition to their family! The weekend was so much fun, complete with good beer, chili dogs, cheesesteaks, stories, catching up with old friends, meeting new babies (and dogs)wreck it ralph, dancing until the wee hours, lots of music and of course photos, photos, photos!  Here is a little glimpse into my time there.

2013-05-26_0006 2013-05-26_0005 2013-05-26_0004 2013-05-26_0003 2013-05-26_0001

2013-05-26_0007 2013-05-26_0008


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    What great pictures of the entire family!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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