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POSTED ON April 16, 2013

Playing the waiting game has never been one of my strong suits but recently I had to ride the roller coaster of anticipation as I awaited the birth of the Quinn’s second child. Three years ago I photographed their first child’s birth which was a wonderful experience and one of those moments that I will never forget. When they emailed me to tell me they were expecting their second child, I was honored that they would include me once again in their milestone.

Yary was due on Easter Sunday so I didn’t make any plans with my family for the holiday this year. When the Friday before came and went and Yary had no signs labor and then Saturday came and went, I asked her what the odds were that she would have him on Sunday. She was pretty sure he wasn’t coming any time soon, so I dashed up to Pennsylvania and got a quick visit in with my Dad and got to meet my cousin’s newest little one. The timing was great.

A few more days passed and then, I started to panic. I had a major event that had been almost two years in the making where my other company was debuting our film about my husband’s band. I thought to myself, “this baby HAS to come soon!” I was starting to struggle with all the what ifs and coming up with backup plans and stressing myself out until Friday, I just decided to take a minute to chill and invited some friends over to our home to enjoy the spring weather and a bonfire in the backyard. That afternoon, I got a call from Steve, the dad, saying it was going to happen within the next 48 hours.  Oh my goodness….I can’t tell you how excited, stressed, crazy I was. The next day was my film release…my baby…

Just as I sat down around the bonfire with a few friends to enjoy a glass of wine, the phone rang, I sprung up out of my chair like it was on fire and ran to my car (which I had already packed with my camera gear). I waved to my friends and I was off like lightning.

The Quinn’s last birth was at Special Beginnings in Arnold,MD, a wonderful birthing center, this time the plan was the same, but as all good plans go, it had to change due to a few complications and Yary was taken to AAMC to have her baby. When I arrived to the hospital in record time, I jogged into the building, down the hall and to the receptionist who gave me one look and said, “she was just taken to the OR for a C-section”.

My heart broke for them knowing that they wanted nothing more than to be at the birthing center having a natural birth in water.

I hung out in the waiting area with their first born, Jonathan, who entertained me for the two hours and two of their friends that were there to help with everything.

Finally, we got the call that we could come up and meet the newest Quinn. Andrew Eduardo Quinn. A perfect beautiful baby boy with a calm personality and lots of loving family surrounding him. All the stress quickly went away at that moment I saw the little guy in his mother’s arms and my camera began documenting every little moment for the next 2 hours.

I am so lucky to have the job I have, to be a witness to these very private family moments and record these moments for them for a lifetime.

Thank you once again Yary and Steve for trusting in me and allowing me to be such a big part of your very special moment.



  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, such beautiful photos, such a beautiful story. What a lucky family!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    …they are fan-fucking-tastick Ali… they really catch the vibe in a newborn room… xo

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