Moment in Time | Annapolis family documentary photographer

POSTED ON March 7, 2013

I recently met a wonderful local mom at one of my photography workshops that I hold in Annapolis, MD. She asked me after the workshop if I might consider photographing her daughters getting ready for the annual Father/Daughter Dance at Arnold Elementary School. My eyes lit up and I said YES! Absolutely! What she didn’t know then was this is the kind of stuff I live for. Sure, I love photographing families for their yearly photo shoot and I love welcoming a new baby into the world using my camera to share it’s personality to friends and family, but when I get to just shoot life unfolding right in front of me is when I really shine.

I arrived a couple hours before they were set to leave for dinner with their Dad, and the girls, Addison and Scarlett were already in their very cute dresses and waiting to get their hair and nails done by Mom. I loved the moments while the girls were getting their nails and hair done because it allowed me to really see their true personalities. Too many times in family photo sessions, there is so much “trying to be perfect” that I don’t always get to see the real them. Day in the life shoots like this one really allows me to connect with the family and I think my best photos are taken when they allow that to happen.

I’ll let the photos say the rest, but I want to publicly thank the family for allowing me to just shoot and document a very special moment in their lives and be the photographer that I am. I loved seeing you all interact and the kids were a delight to be around.


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