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POSTED ON November 22, 2012

My favorite kind of family photo session is the “Day in the Life” package that I offer. I spend hours with a family and get to really capture their personalities, it’s a breath of fresh air for me to shoot this way, allowing for enough time to get some nice family photos and covering a day in their lives…and in the end, they get a beautiful album to remember this time in their lives.

We started their session baking muffins with the kids, my tummy growling with the awesome smells of blueberry muffins in the oven. It was a riot seeing how much energy the three kids had in the morning. They certainly woke me up and soon had me running around like the fool I am behind the camera. Making kids laugh is my number one motive on any shoot…and for some it’s a piece of cake, but for others, man you really have to work at it! I finally broke through with the two littlest (and very shy) ones as I’ve photographed this family several times. I feel like I won a major award by making that happen and from the photos below you can see that we sure did have a giggle fest!

After the baking we took a walk to a trail in their neighborhood and decorated what I called a, “Charlie Brown Tree” that was growing along the walking path surrounded by leaves. It was fantastic. The kids seemed to have a ball doing it, picking out their favorite colored Christmas balls from a pile on the ground. After some posed photos by the tree for their Christmas card, and about 5 running races against me, we all decided it would be pretty cool to leave it decorated for the season and bring some joy to the community. ask google I loved that little tree and I’m sure others will smile as they walk past in this season.

We wrapped up the session walking down another trail in the woods that was covered over in leaves creating a beautiful yellow blanket on the ground. I of course, being the fall lover that I am was asking the kids to get down in the leaves and PLAY! Photographing kids playing in the leaves never gets old for me.

What a blast I had yesterday with the family! If I could a shoot like that every week, I’d be a happy camper.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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