Beach Bums | Candid family photographer Annapolis, Maryland

POSTED ON August 9, 2012

I like to think that I can always just conjure up nice weather for every one of my photo sessions….but that’s not true…not in the least. What was a beautiful evening on the beach at Bay Ridge in Annapolis turned out to be quite a frustrating shoot for my subjects given that the wind blowing off the water was blasting their hair in all directions…not the most flattering look for most people. But we rolled with it and I got some great shots of Heili as she’s a natural on a beach.

The beach shoot inspired me to edit a bit differantly than I normally do, I kept envisioning a retro surf ad and went with it.

After giving up (because of the wind) on a great shot of mom and daughter on the beach together we quickly hopped in our cars and headed for their home where we wrapped up the session as the sun went to bed, which resulted in some fun shots that look like they are from a film camera. I am loving them.

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